Using Instagram to Promote Your Brand

If your brand is not yet harnessing the power of Instagram as an effective & powerful marketing tool, then your overall marketing strategy is not yet complete. Instagram boasts more than 200 million monthly active users and leading brands are beginning to incorporate Instagram campaigns into their existing marketing efforts after realising it’s potential.

Tips on using Instagram to promote your brand

The first and most simple step of launching an Instagram marketing campaign is choosing an account name. Make sure your account name is identifiable, easy to locate and closely tied with your brand. When choosing a profile photo, we suggest you keep it simple by going with your brand’s logo rather than using marketing banners or other promotional material.

Search for your brand name in the community hashtags to see what your consumers are posting about you. This will give you an idea of how others see your brand and the general perception of your company. If the brand perception is positive, engage with these consumers by ‘liking’ and commenting on their images. You can also check the ‘Photos of You’ tab to see if any consumers have ‘tagged’ your brand in their posts.

Post eye-catching photos that truly promote your products or services and reflect your brand’s identity. Include the location of your photo if you think it will help tell the story of the image. Write punchy captions with each photo and ask questions in the post to engage the community. Use relevant hashtags as they will help you reach a broader audience outside of your existing following.

Actively engage with the Instagram community. Browse images, ‘like’ and comment on the posts that standout to you and ‘follow’ people who you think would be interested in your brand.

Following these tips will help you get started with using Instagram to promote your brand. To find out more about utilising Instagram for business, speak with the QT Digital team today.