Co-Registration (CoReg) campaigns are the most effective way to generate low cost leads in high volume for your business. CoReg leads are an ideal source for companies with large call centres who have the capacity to make high volumes of outbound sales calls whilst minimising lead expenses. QT Digital work with a number of Australia’s largest organisations on a wide range of CoReg campaigns delivering upward of 50,000 pre-qualified leads each month.

CoReg Ad Placements

CoReg ads are placed on the back of third party post-transactional web pages such as ticket confirmation and competition entry pages. Consumers who fit your target demographic and have just completed their online purchase or entry are presented with your advertisement and asked whether they give consent for your sales team to contact them directly to discuss your company’s service offering.

After answering our pre-qualifying questions and giving consent to be contacted, we capture key data fields including name, email, contact phone number, date of birth and postcode, before delivering each lead to your sales team dynamically in real-time.

CRM Integration

Our high-end custom CoReg advertising platform gives you the ability to integrate with your company’s CRM or marketing automation software. Our development team take care of the entire integration process ensuring that all leads captured are entered directly into your sales database automatically with no manual input required.

The benefit of receiving the leads dynamically in real-time is that your sales team can contact each lead instantaneously, resulting in higher than average contact rates and conversions.

Performance Based Campaigns

Like all of our lead generation campaigns, we run CoReg purely on a performance basis meaning that you only pay for each valid lead we generate. QT Digital’s Co-Registration campaigns provide a less expensive and higher volume alternative to other lead generation services, enabling you to improve your ROI and reduce your CPA.



that generate low cost leads in high volume for your business



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