Mobile Advertising

QT Digital are leaders in mobile advertising, changing the way brands communicate with consumers by simplifying the mobile advertising process. We manage highly-successful campaigns for some of Australia’s leading brands, helping clients navigate and understand the complex mobile marketplace whilst developing their mobile campaigns. We devise in-depth mobile marketing strategies to drive app installs, mobile site traffic and m-commerce conversions, establishing a mobile presence for each brand.

Our mission is to help advertisers generate a positive ROI on every mobile campaign we run.

Dedicated Campaign Management

Our expert mobile marketing team manage all aspects of your mobile campaign, including:

  • Mobile strategy
  • Audience mapping & targeting
  • Media planning & buying
  • Tracking & reporting
  • Campaign optimisation

We have an intricate knowledge of the fast-paced mobile marketplace and we take the stress out of running your mobile advertising campaign by implementing and executing a tailored end-to-end solution for each client.

Our Network Partners

We work exclusively with the biggest and best publisher networks in Australia reaching millions of smartphone users via the most popular mobile sites and apps.

Our strong relationships with Australia’s leading mobile ad networks combined with the huge volumes of ad placements we purchase on behalf of our client’s gives QT Digital superior media buying power, enabling us to source the most competitive CPM, CPV and CPI rates in the market.

Reach & Targeting

We segment users into specific groups based on in-depth consumer profiling and demographics to ensure the greatest reach in quality ad placements. Mobile targeting capabilities are so advanced that we can even target users based on the most specific details such as the weather at their current location with highly-refined location targeting enabling us to target mobile users down to a 1km radius.

While our core business is targeting mobile users within Australia & New Zealand, our ads can reach users in more than 120 countries generating billions of monthly impressions worldwide.

Tracking & Optimisation

We use the latest tracking and optimisation technology to ensure we are always reaching the right audience with the most effective creative. We track all campaign conversions and statistics and use this data to continually optimise and refine each campaign to ensure that our client’s KPI’s are not only being met, but exceeded. We collate this data into detailed reports to provide our clients with key insights into their campaigns.

Design & Creative

There are an array of static banner and rich media creative specs for mobile campaigns and our expert design team work with our clients to create the right marketing materials that remain on brand and achieve performance objectives. Using the right creative from the outset is vital in running a successful mobile marketing campaign.



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