Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform in the world, with more than 200 million active users. Utilising the power of visual story telling, Instagram is shaping the way people not only interact with one another, but also the way in which consumers interact with brands & business.

Visual content is driving social media like never before and Instagram is at the forefront of this drive with more than 20 billion photos shared, 2 billion daily likes and 60 million daily posts worldwide. If your business is not actively promoting your products or services via Instagram, you could be missing out on thousands of potential new customers.

QT has more than 5 years experience in social media marketing and for the past 2 years have helped dozens of brands utilise the power of Instagram to market their business.

We create and implement detailed content strategies tailored to each brand. We grow your consumer database, help your business build positive brand awareness, drive consumer engagement and attract new customers. The girls in the office live & breathe Instagram marketing, and they are very good at it!

Detailed Content Strategy

We work closely with each client to understand your business goals & objectives. We help to identify your target audience and put together a detailed content strategy that your audience will best respond to.

We prepare the content on a forward-thinking schedule ensuring that the right messaging is delivered to your audience at exactly the right time.

Database Building

We use highly-refined consumer profiling to attract the right audience to your brand. We interact with this audience as they engage with the Instagram community, encouraging them to follow your brand in the process.

Growing your consumer database is the key to expanding brand awareness and reaching new customers.

Community Management

We create and publish captivating posts to effectively market your brand. We establish interactive #hashtag campaigns that not only engage the community but also carry with them a viral element that helps to reach new audiences.

We manage the perception of your brand within the Instagram community not only by the content we post, but by the way we interact with your followers.

Design & Creative

Our graphic design team create beautiful looking posts using eye-catching imagery. We send out our photographers onsite to capture your brand’s content and our designers add the finishing touches to ensure your brand is represented with slick, professional imagery.



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