Remarketing campaigns enable you to advertise your products or services directly to people who have previously visited your website. Based on which sections of your site they have visited, you can tailor your ads specifically to each visitor, displaying highly targeted messaging only to those people who are most likely to convert into a lead or sale. Your ads begin displaying after a visitor leaves your website and continue to be displayed to this visitor as they browse other sites around the internet.

If, for example, a visitor adds items to the shopping cart on your eCommerce store but fails to complete the checkout, you can tailor an ad that follows this visitor wherever they browse encouraging them to return to your site and make the purchase. Extremely well targeted ads such as these help to drastically boost conversion rates and increase sales for your business.

At QT, we believe there are 3 vital steps involved in running a highly successful remarketing campaign:

  • segmenting your audience
  • dynamic messaging
  • professional creative

Segmenting Your Audience

The first step to running a successful remarketing campaign is segmenting your audience. By segmenting users into separate remarketing lists based on the sections of your site they have visited, we are able to tailor ads targeted specifically to each group of visitors. The more highly targeted these ads are, the higher conversion rates they will deliver.

Dynamic Messaging

It is paramount that you deliver the right messaging to the right people at the right time. For those that have added items to the shopping cart but not completed the checkout, we hit them with a strong call to action like “You still have items in your shopping cart. Don’t forget to complete your purchase”.

For those that have browsed a particular product, we hit them with a tailored message that highlights the benefits of your product compared with the products of your competitors. Getting the messaging right can be the difference between a campaign that converts and a campaign that doesn’t.

Professional Creative

No matter how well targeted your ads may be, you still have to ensure that they are noticed. Many companies overlook this vital third step and choose to create their own ads in-house rather than leaving it to a design professional. QT’s expert team of designers ensure that all remarketing material is sleek, professional, on-brand and most importantly, gets noticed.



only to those people who are most likely to convert into a lead or sale

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